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Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

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Brand Name:     DRT
Model Number:     99
Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     Aug 26,2011

Product Description
IntroductionHydrolyzed Wheat Protein can be used as an emulsifier and an excellent protein source for animal feeds thanks to its high protein content. Our animal trial suggested that HWP is of high digestive value which is very suitable to be the protein source for piglets, calves, young sheep, and pet. Because the proteinase level of young animals does not develop to optimal, the responsive action to weaning often caused disorder of its digestive system. Therefore, high digestibility protein is the best choice as protein source for young animals. The nutritional composition of HWP is listed below for your reference.     Nutritional composition of HWPDry substance                               95%Protein                                         80%Fat                                              5.2%Carbohydrate                                6.8%Fiber                                            0.5%Lysine                                          1.6%Threonine                                     2.6%Methionine + Cystine                     4.1%Tryptophan                                   0.9%L- glutamine                                  30.0%Energy                                        8.5MJ/KG  Product feature l        Excellent protein digestibility (>96%) – it can be a ideal substitute for animal protein for feedl        High Glutamine content – it is very good protein source for animal development, especially for young animalsl        Reduce occurrence of diarrhea – HWP can prevent intestinal villi and promote regeneration of intestinal epithelial cells, which lead to improve digestive system of young animals such as piglets, calves, and sheep during weaning periodl        Promote intestinal cell immunoglobulin synthesis – improve the immunity of digestive system of young animals
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Manufacturer Details
  • Company Name:Nanjing Duratrust Animal Pharmaceutical Ltd.
    Contact Person:Mr. Jiangtao Guo
    Company Address:
    Room 1807, Longtai International Mansion, No.198, East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing
    Contact Phone:86-25-84677785