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sodium hydroxide

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Post Date:     Aug 24,2011

Product Description
Specification ItemStandardSodium hydroxide(NaOH)≥99.0%Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3)≤0.5%Sodium chloride(NaCl)≤0.02%Ferric oxide(Fe2O3)≤0.003% 
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Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium HydroxideCAS No.: 1310-73-2Molecular Weight: 40.00Molecular Formula: NaOHPurity: 96%,98%,99%Certificate: ISO9001:2000Appearance: White flakes or pearl.UN:1823H.S. Code: 2815110000  IT

Sodium chlorite7758-19-2(NACLO2)

-  Product Identification  CAS No. : 7758-19-2H.S. Code : 28289000EINECS NO:231-836-6Formula : NACLO2Molecular Weight : 90.45Toxicity Oral rat LD50 :Synonyms : chlorine,sodium chloride,

Silane Modified Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium Hydroxide is a white powder; specific gravity 2.36; , very slightly soluble in water; decomposing at 350 C. It occurs naturally as the mineral called brucite or is prepared by reacting magne

Msds Sodium Hydroxide

Msds Sodium Hydroxide  Caustic Soda  Flakes 96%  Flakes 99%Solid 99%Pearls 96%  Pearls 99%  NaOH  96.68% Min  99.28% Min  99.30% Min  96.60% Min  99.3

96% 98% 99% Sodium hydrate

96% 98% 99% Sodium hydrateType: flakescaustic soda flakes 96% 98% 99% supplierOther names: sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrate Chemical Property: Chemical formulaNaOHCAS number1310-73-2ColourWh

99% Sodium hydroxide flakes/solid

1.Property: White flakes with strong corrosiveness,easily soluble in water. 2.Sodium hydroxide flakes 99.0%, Specification: Purity: 99.0 % min     NACL: 0.05% max NA2CO3: 0.5% max &n

Sodium hydroxide

Product name: Sodium hydroxide Other names: caustic soda   Specification   NaOH  99%Min 96%Min Fe2O3 0.01%Max 0.01%Max Na2CO3 0.7%Max 1.4%Max NaCl 0.05%Max 2.8%Max &nbs

99% sodium hydroxide solid

99% sodium hydroxide solid 1.Details  Quality standard: Accodring to GB209-2006 standard (sodium hydroxide) Item Testin result/caustic soda pearls Sodium hydroxide(NaOH)≥ 99.0% Sodi

(Factory)Sodium Hydroxide 99min

(Factory)Sodium Hydroxide 99min    1. molecular formula: NaOH 2. CAS NO: 1310-73-2   3. Appearance: White Solid Crystal   4. Application: Paper making, synthetic detergent

Manufacturer Details
  • Company Name:Weifang Kaiming Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Mr. Mingming Liu
    Company Address:
    Room A307, Demong Building, No.227 Dongfeng street, Weifang, Shandong, China
    Contact Phone:86-0536-2100109