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super white crystallized glass stone

Price:     US $ 20 - 99 / Square Meter

Brand Name:     montary
Model Number:     CG001
Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     May 11,2012

Product Description

super white crystallized glass stone

1.model no:cg001

2.product name: super white crystallized glass stone

3.brand name:montary

4.material:natural quartz of original:china

6.color:white,color is stable,100,000m2 can keep same color

7.surface finish:polished finish, or according to client demand

8.applications:wall-cladding,floor,step,countertop etc ability:60,000m2/month time:within 10 days after order confirmed


Panel size:












according to client demand to cut size

Thickness: 12mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm


12.packing:wooden case,seaworthy wooden crate.


13.super white crystallized glass stone qualification:






  air hole


   diameter:1.5mm/pc(max), 2pcs/M2(max)  




undistinctness by visual keep 1m distance


 desiccation and compressive strength




water absorption        


    zero 0


  bending strength   




 volume  density 








 mohs hardness




acid fastness  


K:0.13%,appearance no change when dipping

                         in 1.0% vitriol for 650 hour


resistance to alkali 


 K:0.08%,appearance no change when dipping

                in 1.0% sodium hydroxide for 650 hour




 no radioactivity,suitable for class A decoration



Pictures of produce process:

15.super white crystallized glass stone cleaness and maintenance


1)  daily cleaning

You can clean it by water and cleanser such as soap water
2)deal with scratch
Keep the crystallized glass flooring clean all the time, have to clean the dust and sand grain in order not to wear and tear the surface. When scratch come forth, you can daub little toothpaste on the scratched, then lightly wipe again and again, the scratch will disappear. If waxed, crystallized glass stone can glossing like new.

3)deal with special infectants

 Infected by below infectants, you can wipe with a soft cloth and clean by water, also you can use below cleansers.

type of infectants               cleanser

Tea,  coffee  ice cream, fat       NaOH.KHCO3 watery alkalic liquid
Sediment,ink, rust, ash slurry   HCL.HNO3.H2SO4 watery acidic liquid,oxalic acid best for ink

Oil paint,  drawing pen          oil of turpentine, acet

Sauce, wax, carbon powder        acidic or alkalic liquid
Watery mud                    linseed oil

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