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Quality Gypsum Board

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Post Date:     Jul 05,2011

Product Description
Gypsum Board Newswan Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 Pingyi, Shandong, a small but beautiful and famous county where the proven reserves of high quality gypsum ore account for more than 50% in China. With over 5 year experience in dealing in gypsum products, Newswan has up-to-now developed into a large enterprise who owns 8 gypsum board production lines, 8 gypsum ceiling production lines and 2 steel frame production lines . Now we are capable of producing 24 million square meters of PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles and 40 million square meters of paper faced gypsum boards every year. Gypsum BoardSpecifications of our Gypsum Boards:Standard, Moisture-resistant, Fire-proof, Water-proofThicknesses: 6.4/6.5mm, 7.0mm, 7.5mm, 8.0mm, 8.5mm, 9.0mm, 9.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12.5mm, 15mm, etc.Sizes: 1200X2400mm, 1200X1830 mm, 1220X2440mm,1200X2700, 1200X3000mm, 1200X3600mmMinimum Ordering Quantity: 2X20ft Containers a. Standard Paper Faced Gypsum Boards 7.0mm:   US$0.75/M2 FOB Qingdao      3600 M2 per 20ft Container7.5mm:   US$0.77/M2 FOB Qingdao      3330 M2 per 20ft Container8mm:      US$0.79/M2 FOB Qingdao      3200 M2 per 20ft Container8.5mm:   US$0.81/M2 FOB Qingdao      3000 M2 per 20ft Container9mm:      US$0.84/M2 FOB Qingdao      2800 M2 per 20ft Container9.5mm:   US$0.86/M2 FOB Qingdao      2650 M2 per 20ft Container10mm:    US$0.90/M2 FOB Qingdao      2450 M2 per 20ft Container11mm:    US$0.96/M2 FOB Qingdao      2280 M2 per 20ft Container12mm:    US$1.04/M2 FOB Qingdao      2100 M2 per 20ft Container12.5mm: US$1.08/M2 FOB Qingdao      2040 M2 per 20ft Container15mm:    US$1.52/M2 FOB Qingdao     1600 M2 per 20ft Container b. Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Boards 9.5mm:   US$1.16/M2 FOB Qingdao      2650 M2 per 20ft Container12mm:    US$1.34/M2 FOB Qingdao      2100 M2 per 20ft Container12.5mm: US$1.43/M2 FOB Qingdao      2040 M2 per 20ft Container15mm:    US$1.74/M2 FOB Qingdao      1600 M2 per 20ft Container c. Fire-proof Gypsum Boards 9.5mm:   US$1.17/M2 FOB Qingdao      2650 M2 per 20ft Container12mm:    US$1.34/M2 FOB Qingdao      2100 M2 per 20ft Container12.5mm: US$1.40/M2 FOB Qingdao      2040 M2 per 20ft Container15mm:    US$1.65/M2 FOB Qingdao      1600 M2 per 20ft Container d. Water-proof Gypsum boards 9.5mm:   US$1.27/M2 FOB Qingdao      2650 M2 per 20ft Container12mm:    US$1.47/M2 FOB Qingdao      2100 M2 per 20ft Container12.5mm: US$1.53/M2 FOB Qingdao      2040 M2 per 20ft Container15mm:    US$1.82/M2 FOB Qingdao      1600 M2 per 20ft Container *Validity of Prices: 30 calendar days*Minimum Ordering Quantity: 2X20ft containers*Payment Terms: T/T or L/C at sight*Shipping Date: 15 days after receiving prepayment or L/C*The above prices are for white and if colorful, US$0.15/M2 has to be added.*Daily Output: 120,000 M2 of PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling and 200,000 M2 of Gypsum Board per day. 
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