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Magnetic Drive Micro Gear Pump (brushless motor)

Price:     1

Brand Name:     XIN YANG
Model Number:     XY01
Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     May 09,2012

Product Description

Magnetic Drive Micro Gear Pump (brushless motor)

Benefits of the external gear pump include:
Magnetic coupling for leak-free operation
Pulseless delivery for a smooth and continuous flow
Strong chemical resistance
High dependability

Brushless motor, long lifetime

Small Size
Smooth, Pulseless Delivery
Chemically Resistant
Easy to Service
Proven Reliability
Advanced Pump Technology
Wide Range of Options
OEM Configurations
High-System Pressure Capability
Enhanced Efficiency 

Magnetic Drive Micro Gear Pump Introduction:
1. Using magnetic coupling drive without leakage, 316 L stainless steel shell, PEEK materials gear, PTFE sealing materials, use brushless DC motor combination with smaller size, with built-in limit pressure valve, the flow rate can be realized without steps.
2. Pump can be used in the -0.1 Map20Map closed systems, the rated output pressure is 0.3 Mpa (medium: Water), the maximum output pressure is 1.4 Mpa, output flow rate with 50~3500 ml / min.
3. Widely used in hemodialysis machines, printing machine, pictorial machine, medicine, chemicals, water treatment, printing, cleaning, packaging, filling machines, food processing, and other areas of liquid delivery, particularly suitable for printing machine, pictorial machine, barcode machine.


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NONSTANDARD,OEM is available


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