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99% Sodium hydroxide flakes/solid

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Brand Name:     TIANLI
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Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     May 06,2012

Product Description

1.Property: White flakes with strong corrosiveness,easily soluble in water.

2.Sodium hydroxide flakes 99.0%, Specification:

Purity: 99.0 % min     NACL: 0.05% max

NA2CO3: 0.5% max  FE2O3 : 0.005% max

3.Uses: Basic and important chemical feed,used in  textiles industry, printing, detergent.

4.It is mainly used in following industry:

1). Soap manufacturing     2). Petrochemical industry

3). Water treatment          4). Pharmaceutical industry

5). Mining industry             6). Food industry for chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables

7). Cocoa processing       8). Soft drinks industry, etc

5.We are very professional manufacturer of 99% sodium hydroxide and we can supply high quality exportable products .

Our plant is in shandong,China.we are also a good supplier.

6.It is a basic chemical raw material.

7.Executive Standard No.:GB209-2006.

8.UN NO.: 1823, H.S.CODE NO.: 2815.11.00, DANGEROUS CLASS: 8

9.Sodium Hydroxide flakes 99% min,SPEC:






Purity %≥












Iron %≤




10. 25 kg/bag,waterproof packing,2 PE layers inside,1 PV layer outsider.

      25 MTS in a 20` container, 1000 bags in a 20` container.

11.It is opaque white flake, easy deliquescence, the melting point is 318.4, the boiling point is 1390.

12.It is Noncombustible, has a strong corrosive, irritant, dust stimulate the eyes and respiratory tract, direct contact can cause burns.

13.Caustic Soda Liquid, Flakes, Prills (Pearl)  also known as Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is used in various applications by numerous industries worldwide such as: pulp and paper, textiles, soaps and detergents, bleach manufacturing, petroleum products, aluminum, and the Chemical Processing Industry. 

14.It is mainly used...

... in soap manufacturing

... in petrochemical industry

... in water treatment

... in pharmaceutical industry

... in mining industry

... in food industry for chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables

... in cocoa processing

... in soft drinks industry, etc.

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Manufacturer Details
  • Company Name:Shanghai Tianli Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Ms. Sarah Cao
    Company Address:
    Room326, NO.27,2185 Nong,North Zhongshan Road ,Shanghai ,China Zip:200061
    Contact Phone:86-21-51200633