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quartz stone

Price:     US $50 / Square Meter

Brand Name:     FORNY
Model Number:     ZS SERIES
Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     Jul 14,2011

Product Description
The Literal Description of 5 Series Products1. Simplified SeriesSimplified but not simple, showing the sunny character: Simplified colors without multifarious veins, representing pure and simple life with full of sunshine. Simplified Series  suits for the young city white collars2. Diamond SeriesElegant and noble: With soft and tender color, Diamond Series looks top grade and noble without show-off. Diamond Series suits for the people who prefer The Golden Mean.3. Fantasy SeriesFantastic colors, showing the distinctive space: with various colors and veins, Fantasy Series suits for the decoration for the distinctive space, showing the individualistic life style and special artistic taste4. Vogue SeriesFeel the vogue, Lead the fashion: with fresh colors, Fantasy Series represents classical and fashionable style, which brings you delighted mood and represent the good taste of the upper-class life style.5. Antique Series Luxury and noble: Antique Series is the best match for top-grade solid wood, representing classical, noble, luxury, symbol of good taste, culture and success.          Characteristic of the Product1. GermproofThe germproof technology of Forny Quartz Slab is via adding the MICROBAN active germproof gene into the material structure, which can prevent the germ growing continually. Forny Quartz Stone provides you 24 hours healthy are and a clean safe space.2. Anti-depigmentForny Quartz Slab is produced by high-tech vacuum pressure. The main raw material is mineral pigment. It is a closely colorfast martial, which is difficult to be observed the color change by eyes, if it is not be compared partially under the bright sunlight.   3. Anti-agingThe ingredient of Forny Quartz Slab contains Anti-aging (UV) additive, which has strong Anti-aging ability. Almost no color fading can be seen in normal temperature condition.4. Anti-ScratchThe rigidity of Forny Quartz Slab surface is higher than ordinary irons. Normally, you can put any housewares on the countertops (Please notice that glass cutter, sand paper, solid alloy and other high rigidity goods may scratch the countertops.) The high rigidity of quartz can avoid scratch and abrasion5. Anti-penetrationForny Quartz Slab containing multiple composite material and ultra fine quartz powder, it assure the material with high level non-micro-hole structure. Its water absorption rate is only 0.03%. With exceeding anti-penetration ability, obstinate splash (e.g. tea dirt) can be easily removed in the ordinary cleaning and will not be penetrated inside the material. The dirt in the dead angle can be removed by the knife or steel wool, which other materials can not be withstood.6. Anti-burnQuartz crystal is the main ingredient of Forny Quartz Slab. Quartz has high melting point material (as high as 1300). After adding a few composite materials, the surface of quartz slab still have high anti-burn ability as strong as natural stone.7. Nontoxic & non-radiantThe color of Forny Quartz Slab mainly comes from the mineral pigment, which is nontoxic sanitary material. The radioactivity problem of natural stone is worrying, whereas quartz stone does not have the problem.8. Anti-corrosiveForny Quartz Slab has the characteristic of strong acid & alkali resistance, which is the best among the current countertops materials. The acid & alkali in daily use can not corrode the quartz countertops 1.Compressive strength               EN14617-15According to Standard method.SampleLength(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)Cross section  areaRupture loadUniaxialcompressionresistance(Mpa)149.550.350249042184170.7249.849.950.2248544929177.2349.749.850.4247545541180.2449.849.949.8248541857165549.849.950248542918168.2649.650.650.2251042918167.5     Mean value(Mpa)177.5  2.Flexural Strength (bending)       EN1533-200SampleDistancebetweeen axis(mm)Width(mm)Thickness(mm)Rupture load(N)Bending resistance(N/mm2)123040.112.296155.89223040.211.888854.73323040.11295957.2742304011.884252.17523039.311.787255.91623040.111.887754.34   Mean value(Mpa)55.05
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