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Hydraulic Rescue jacks,QJ-10

Price:     1

Brand Name:     Aolai
Model Number:     QJ-10
Country/Region:     China
Post Date:     Jul 08,2011

Product Description
Hydraulic Rescue Lifting Jack,QJ-10 Hydraulic Rescue jackHydraulic CylinderHydraulic recuse toolsRescue jacks for accident rescueRescue heavier bearer  Product description:QJ - 10 type jack group set is a kind of special rescue equipment, composed by ABCD 4 types.Used for supporting top the heavy objects in the accident, to rescue the victims trapped in dangerous environment. With a hydraulic pressure manual pump oil supply, in hydraulic pressure, the piston rod, to lift the heavy objects to a certain height, so that can increase homework space to save trapped survivors conveniently.Application:1. The highways, railways traffic accident rescue, earthquake disaster relief and buildings collapsed rescue2. Use for all rescue environment3. Supporting weight to protect the victim Note:1. Handlers should find a suitable point to fix the jack, the weight bearing surface should be strengthen, to avoid secondary injury if the point broken. 2. the lift surface should be horizontal or rough surface as far as possible, inclined plane or smooth surface caused easily sliding.3. Jack can only use manual pump as power supply4. The infixing of Jack and manual pump, must confirm plug-and-socket firm before work5. Only after all the relief work finished, can open the manual pump hands control switch valve Shandong Aolai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large scale science and technology industrial company dedicated to Hydraulic pump,hydraulic cutter,hydraulic spreading cutter,hydraulic expander,hydraulic ram,hydraulic rebar cutter,hydraulic tube sealing equipment,hydraulic hand pump,hydraulic jack sets,crowbar. 
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Manufacturer Details
  • Company Name:Shandong Aolai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Ms. Annie Gao
    Company Address:
    5th Floor Part B, Shuntai Square, 2000 Shunhua Road, High Tech Development Zone
    Contact Phone:86-531-88688139